Contact Lenses

Recent advancements in contact lens technology have significantly enhanced their capability, offering wearers an unprecedented level of freedom from traditional eyeglasses while maintaining advantages such as multifocal vision. These innovations make contact lenses a versatile option for both athletic activities and everyday use, establishing them as a viable primary solution for vision correction, rather than just an alternative to spectacles.

Our clinic provides a wide selection of contact lens brands, available to those with a current prescription. We emphasize the importance of annual check-ups for contact lens users, or more frequently if recommended, to ensure optimal eye health and lens performance. It's crucial to understand that we supply contact lenses contingent upon the commitment to these regular eye examinations.

For those considering contact lenses for the first time, rest assured that the process is straightforward and far less daunting than it may seem. We invite you to schedule a contact lens consultation with our skilled optometrists. During this initial visit, they will expertly fit you with contact lenses and schedule a follow-up appointment. This session will be dedicated to instructing you on the correct insertion and removal techniques, as well as advising on the proper care and maintenance of your lenses. Following these appointments, you will be provided with trial lenses to begin your journey towards clear, comfortable vision.

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